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Release Date: Monday, 20 December, 2021
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Welcome to our first BARTALK “Flashback” – a podcast episode where we invite guests from a past BARTALK to hear about how their work has developed since we last spoke.

As we descend into more COVID lockdowns and regulations, we thought it might lift our spirits to check in with some of the guests from our party crew from earlier this year.In this episode, Bogomir Doringer and Amber Vineyard discuss how party scenes and their own work have adapted and changed since we last spoke.

We chat about illegal parties in the parks of Berlin, the pros and cons of the Unmute Us protests, how their roles as artists and organizers are shaped by the back and forth of government regulations, and what Bogomir and Amber have learned from the lockdowns.

Hosts: James Rae Parnell & Yun Lee
Edit & Recordings: Hans Poel
PR: Nia Konstantinova
Translation: Serafina Van Ass