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Episodes released every Friday March 12 – April 4, 2021
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Parties are curated environments where fantasies can come to life.

They can be spaces of joy and indulgence, spaces to connect and step into alternate realities, or sometimes even spaces of harassment.  

What makes a good party? How do hosts shape fun and safe party environments? How are identities celebrated and shared in these spaces? How does art contribute to a club experience? What politics reveal themselves on the dance floor? And what systems of care and connection do we find when we zoom into crowds in the club?  


Bogomir Doringer (SRB / AT/ NL)

Artist and academic, researching clubbing as a living system
Release date: 12 March

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Other references:
Kelina Gotman, Choreomania : Dance and Disorder

Select sound sources:
6:18 – Belgrade demonstrations against Milosevic’s regime 9-3-1991
6:18 – Dejan Mirkovich/DJ S.T.R.O.B. at Klub Industrija, 1995
28:50 – BBC News – Georgia’s rave revolution, July 30 2018
29:15 – The Guardian – Berlin anti-fascist protests, October 14, 2018

Khalil Ryahi (Rotterdam, NL)

Party organiser, dj, talent scout, label owner
Release date: 19 March

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In episode 2 of “Parties”, Rae and Yun talk to professional party animal, DJ, record label owner, mentor, and party organizer Khalil Ryahi. Khalil gives us the scoop on how he started his nightlife career, what makes a good party, the Dutch concept of a ‘night mayor’, and what alternatives people are exploring during the pandemic.

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Instagram: @khalil_ryahi, @infinite__pleasure

Philip Vermeulen (The Hague, NL)

Instrumental installations, club in an art setting, sober partying
Release date: 26 March

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In Episode 3 of Parties, artist Philip Vermeulen talks to us about bringing the club to the art world through his large-scale audiovisual kinetic installations, how his work replicate different states of mind in clubbing, and how he got so good at sober partying.

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Instagram: @philip_vermeulen_3000

Amber Vineyard (Amsterdam, NL)

party host, agency owner, Mother of the House of Vineyard
Release date: 4 April  

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In the final episode of this season on parties, we talk to hostess, performer and pioneering mother of Dutch ballroom Amber Vineyard about her background from humble beginnings running off to raves in California to running her own entertainment agency. Amber also shares stories and knowledge on how to conduct energy in a room, how she comes up with her looks, how door policies can help create atmosphere, how to have difficult conversations about inclusivity when planning an event, and how to lay down the law while keeping the party going.

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Instagram: @ambervineyard@houseofvineyard
Facebook: House of Vineyard

Produced by Hans Poel
Hosted by Yun Lee and Rae Parnell
Transcribed by Sarafina van Ast

BARTALK #21: Parties was partially recorded at WORM Rotterdam and was made possible with the generous support of Mondriaanfonds