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December 9, 2017
Danzkafe Sowieso, Helmersstraat 138, The Hague
Doors open 20:30, presentations start 20:45

BARTALK is a free interdisciplinary lecture/performance series bringing you presentations on alternative histories, weird science, and other esoteric knowledge

On Dec 9, BARTALK #9 brings you presentations on productivity, efficiency and time by four artists. Join us to find out how to optimize your time with fluids, what/where on earth high frequency trading is, why data labour unions may be necessary, and get to know your neighbourhood time bank!

CATHLEEN OWENS – Drink your way to the top!
In the past, the most productive leader was the strongest caveman or the best knight on horseback. My, my, how times have changed. “Drink Your Way to the Top!” will challenge the way you look at your attention and focus, your projects and actions, your choices and habits.
Cathleen Owens is an artist currently living and working in Europe. Her work, which usually takes the form of performative installations and online interventions, plays with ideas of authenticity in language and consumer culture. Owens also serves as co-founder and CEO of lifestyle company Hello and Welcome Incorporated.
#TimeManagement #productivity #consumerculture

ELINE BENJAMINSEN – Where the money is made
Eline will be talking about the bizarre world of high-frequency trading, where buy-and-sell orders move between continents at the speed of light.

The work of Eline Benjaminsen (Norway, 1992) explores processes of power that shape our attitudes, habits and individual possibilities, but that yet exists outside of our physical environments. By focusing on the strictly physical – that which can be photographed, her work investigates the relation between the material and the immaterial, with the aim to confront the viewers with the limit of their own vision.

Her photography has been featured in Migrant Journal, the Dutch Financial Daily and at the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. She graduated from The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in July 2017 with a project on the infrastructures of algorithmic trading, for which she was awarded the Steenbergen Stipendium.
#highfrequencytrading #value #algorithmicexchange

MANUEL BELTRAN – We, The Data Workers
At the Institute of Human Obsolescence (IoHO) we research how all of us have unwittingly become data workers for platforms like Facebook, Google or Amazon. The Data Workers Union aims to be a platform through which reclaim our workers rights in the scenario of being producers of data. Manuel from the IoHO will introduce the different experiences and realities of discussing this platform through different European and Latin American contexts.

Manuel Beltrán is an artist, activist, and researcher. His artworks and projects have been widely presented in Europe and abroad. He researches and lectures on contemporary art, activism, contemporary social movements, post-digital culture and new media. As an activist, he was involved in the Indignados movement in Spain, the Gezi Park protests in Turkey and several forms of independent activism and cyber-activism in Europe and beyond.

In 2012 he co-founded the art collective Plastic Crowds and since 2013 he is head and co-founder of the nomadic school and artistic organization Alternative Learning Tank. In 2015 he founded the Institute of Human Obsolescence, through which he explores the future of labour, the socio-political implications regarding our relationship with technology and the economic and governance systems surrounding the production of data.
#humanobsolesence #automation #labor #bigdata

We will be sharing the concept of Timebank.cc’s currency with anecdotes on time-exchanges. We hope that our bank will remind you that money is a human-made tool. It not only represents value, it determines the value system of a society as well. People use multiple independent value systems that should also be represented in multiple independent currencies.
Sara Pape is co-founder of Timebank.cc a community currency. Timebank.cc, it is a tool accessible to everyone, to help, work and cooperate with each other. It enables exchanges with transactions based on time rather than conventional money, where one Timebank Hour equals exactly one hour of work. Besides her involvement in Timebank.cc, Sara is an educator and visual artist. She concluded a Master in Artistic Research at The Royal Academy in The Hague. She has represented Timebank.cc on a wide variety of platforms including Droog Design, Accenture, Repair Café, Shell, ADM Festival, Occupy Den Haag and Lekkernassuh. In all her roles as an activist, educator and artist, she unravels the irrationality within the model of the free market, opposing Adam Smith’s view that people are rational profit-maximizing agents. The common denominator within these pursuits is to defy the current value systems within our society.
#SharingEconomies #InvisbleLabour #care #accessibility #value

DJ set by YEs yEs!

BARTALK #9 was made possible with the generous support of Stroom Den Haag and Danzkafe Sowieso.