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CCU x Bartalk #22: Digital Kinship (Live Stream) at Rainbow’s End
WHEN: 1 May 20:00
WHERE: Online

As the pandemic rages on, more communities have moved online to sustain themselves. With this shift comes the difficulties of internet architecture: algorithmic filtering, shadowbanning, internet mob mentality. Despite this, communities continue to use online platforms to build, learn, and grow.

In this BARTALK, we’re exploring how subcultures are built and/or sustained in virtual space. How are content creators using online platforms to create communities around sexuality, intimacy, and visibility? What can virtual space offer and what kinds of dynamics arise when a community moves online?


Rae Major + Typhoon Angels – how the ballroom scene connects and plays within restrictions of online platforms  
Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley – making space for black trans mourning and celebration in games
Jamal Phoenix – Developing a fanbase around sexuality on Twitter
Yamuna Forzani – lesbian memes and identity formation via tiktok