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June 15, 2019
BARTALK #16: Sensory Ecologies
Mensen Van Overal “لكل الناس“, Televisiesraat 2, The Hague
Entrance: suggested €2-5 donation*
Bar: cash only*

BARTALK is a lecture-performance-storytelling series taking place in different bars in The Hague. For the 16th edition of BARTALK we have invited artist Marit Mihklepp to curate a program around sensory ecologies.

On June 15, we come together on the roof of the former New Farm (now Mensen Van Overal “لكل الناس“) to speculate on sensory ecologies where our bodies meet other-than-human bodies, our fingers touch the uncomfortable, our tongues taste the earth we walk on, and our brains are challenged with encountering homo ignoramus.


Masha Ru
#edibleearth #claynialism #pimba #claysnack

Katerina Sidorova
#homoignoramus #myth #redefininghuman

Margherita Soldati
#touch #materials #uncomfortable #othersenses

Sissel Marie Tonn
#softfossils #bodilymemories #entanglements

DJ: Yorrit Bling

*Cash only. No one turned away at the door for lack of funds. All proceeds at the door and the bar go directly to Mensen Van Overal ” لكل الناس “

BARTALK #16 is made possible with the generous support of Stroom Den Haag and Mensen Van Overal “لكل الناس“

All photos by Hans Poel
More photos of the event here