How to Complain (effectively)

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BARTALK X WORM: How to Complain (Effectively) (The Workshop)
June 2, 2021
Facillitator: Emma
Hosted online via ZOOM (Fully booked)

How to Complain came about because no one teaches us the art of complaining. If anything, the act of complaining is heavily stigmatized. When those from a marginalized background raise a problematic issue, it is frequently written off as a mere “complaint.” When those who are from a more dominant background say the exact same thing, they are more likely to be lauded for “speaking out.” This workshop is geared towards valuing your voice, no matter who you are.

The goal is to develop different methods of effectively landing a complaint while prioritizing self-care and avoiding burnout. We ran through various scenarios, talked about feelings and impulses, and discussed practical tips.

Workshop is facilitated by Emma. Emma is originally from a large US city, and now works in a support staff role in higher education.