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March 3, 2017
De Gekke Geit

On March 3rd, the following speakers will be giving 5-10 minute lectures on these hot topics:

Victoria Douka-doukopolou
Things that will explode given the chance

Aron Birtalan
The fire from the mind – a primer on pyrokinesis

Caitlin Berrigan (Lecturer, Bard College Berlin)
Excerpts from a Treatise on Imaginary Explosions

June Yu
A Blueprint for Suicide: The case of an architect who set his own church on fire

Joseph Garvin (PhD, University of Bristol)
Alchemy, Thermite and English Noblemen Strangling Birds

Beers are 1 EUR from 7-8 and De Gekke Geit will premier it’s first flaming drink.

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