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May 22

Viral memes, festivals, influencers, ideologies … these are all phenomena surrounded by hype, whether they live up to it or not. In this BARTALK we talk about trends, virality, and hype. What makes an idea so infectious? How are memes weaponized in cultural warfare? What drives people to harm their bodies in the name of “health”? And other than creating absurd foods such as the cronut, what serious effects do food trends have on local ecologies?


File Not Found – Francis Belte & Ailie Gieseler (meme radio show hosts) – Gen Z Memes

Diana Gheorghiu (artist) Wellness Industry trends

Victor Bridault (horticulturalist) How global food trends affect local communities

Emma (college student life officer) how to complain, mob mentality, cancel culture



File Not Found 

Ailie is a 20 year old anarcha queer feminist artist from Berlin who is interested in youth and subcultures both in real lifel and online. Francis is an art student who has been researching semiotics in the context of memes and rethinking meme theory. Together they have been doing a weekly radio show called “file not found” where they analyse memes and other viral trends or internet phenomena in a political context.

Diana Gheorghiu

Diana Gheorghiu is a Romanian artist living in the Netherlands. Her work explores self care, new food and wellness industries and the pressure they impose on individuals. She makes images, videos and installations of computer generated characters.

Victor Bridaul

Victor Bridault is a plant researcher in the field of plant breeding. They are specialized in sustainable agriculture and have worked on several projects in food forestry and urban agriculture.


Emma is originally from the US. She has a background in literature and currently works in a support staff role in higher education. Since the pandemic she has seen an intensification in online anger and mob mentality in student life.