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February 17, 2018
CLOUD/Danslab, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b, The Hague
Doors open 19:30
Presentations start 20:00 sharp
Seats are limited so please secure one by email:

BARTALK kicks off 2018 with a decolonizing ritual, talks on migration and constructing your own home, and a performance with restraints. Through these approaches, four artists working in different fields navigate histories, presents, and projected futures in concepts of space, place, and home.

Clyo Rospy is a queer femme POC history student based in Berlin. She spends most of her time thinking, studying and putting the results into writing both for university and as a technology of self. She finds her topics in archives, theory, literature, philosophy, and in various queer, sex-positive, kinky, and artistic circles of Berlin. Her main interest is self-suspension and her first solo performance is titled “As Consciousness is Harnessed to Dress”.
#selfsuspension #cocoon #restraint #immobility

Fazle Shairmahomed is a performance maker, dancer/performer, and improviser. He graduated in cultural and social anthropology (MA 2012 University of Amsterdam) and Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic (BA 2010 University of Leiden). He creates rituals of decolonization, in which he transforms his relationship with spectators, and challenges understandings of inter-sensoriality.

He often refers to problematics in the politicization of his body as a Dutch Surinamese-Hindustani Muslim queer man. This experienced reality creates an urgency that shapes his artistic choices. During his studies he started with modern dance and improvisation, which brought him to Butoh, Body Weather, contemporary whirling, and other dance practices.
#Multifuturism #scifi #rootedness #Schilderswijk #alienation #orientalism

Marijke Efua Everts’ artistic work is influenced by the different environments she grew up in, including being raised by a Ghanaian mother and a Dutch father. Being a product of a “biracial family” and growing up as a “third culture kid”, Marijke looks to create works that bring together the different aspects of her life in order to come to terms with the feeling of not belonging anywhere. Her works explore the concept of what home is through childhood memories, the places she has visited, and her current environment.

Marijke also coordinates a campaign called Europeana Migration which aims to encourage people to make the connection between their personal or family story and the value of migration in Europe’s shared cultural heritage as well as to raise awareness for how migrants have enriched European culture from food to music and art.
#home #migration #culture #space

Olave Nduwanje is a non-binary trans femme, feminist, vegan and writer (coauthor of ZWART). Olave was born in Burundi. At the age of nine she moved to the Netherlands and has since moved 11 times from country to country. She is a lawyer, activist and politician.
#storytelling #origins #loss

BARTALK #10 is made possible with the generous support of Stroom Den Haag and CLOUD/Danslab.